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Thank you for expressing interest in us! Founded in 2016, BestLiftChair.com is a resource website for seniors who are looking for information about lift chairs, lift chair accessories, lift chair manufacturers, lift chair reviews, and medicare reimbursements.

Mission Statement

BestLiftChair.net strives to be the definitive resource on all things lift chair. We believe that mobility is a key aspect for a quality life and we are truly honoured to be able to help seniors who seek our assistance.


  • Honesty – we’ll tell you the real, unbiased news.
  • Transparency – we’ll be transparent in our reviews.
  • Quality – we provide only high quality guides, articles, and posts.
  • Accuracy – we fact check our articles to make sure it’s accurate, professional, and reliable.
  • Completeness –  our articles are thorough and fully cover the topic.

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