AmeriGlide 725 Review


  • AmeriGlide 725
  • 3 Position Lift Chair
  • Price: $1,135.00
  • $71.43 above average
  • 4/5 stars
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Are you interested in the 725 lift chair from AmeriGlide? This 3 position lift chair that is intended for individuals who are between 375 and 500 pounds. It is a great recliner that is well priced. Read on to learn more about this lift chair.

About the 725 Lift Chair

The 725 is a heavy duty lift chair that is capable of lifting a person who weights up to 500 pounds. The chair is a 3-position lift chair with an extra wide 27″ seat width. The chair comes in Forest, Bordeaux, Ocean, and Walnut.


There are no reviews of this lift chair online. If you have one, please leave a review in the comments section below.


The price for this lift chair is $1,135. This is higher than the average price for a 3-position lift chair but the average weight capacity of a 3-position lift chair is 375 pounds. The higher price is for the heavy duty frame.


The AmeriGlide warranty for this lift chair is 1 year with in-home parts and service. This is exceptional for a high weight capacity lift chair. Some companies reduce their warranty for a high weight capacity lift chair but not with AmeriGlide. The AmeriGlide warranty is shorter than average but it is much more thorough.


The 725 lift chair from AmeriGlide is perfect for individuals who weigh between 375 pounds and 500 pounds. The extra price is reasonable given that heavy duty lift chairs generally cost more. The warranty is spectacular. We rate this chair 4 out of 5 stars.

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