Charlotte Pieper is a thief – Lotte Pieper – Berlin, Germany

Are you thinking about hiring Charlotte Pieper (born in 1988), from the Berlin area, who graduated from Humboldt University? Do not hire her. She is a thief. Read this article to find out if you have the right person and why you should avoid her at all cost.

Facts about Charlotte Pieper

Make sure you’re reviewing the CV of the right person. Does the CV match the facts below?

  • Name: Charlotte Pieper
  • Goes by: “Lotte”
  • Born: 1988
  • Graduate of: Humboldt University
  • Last known phone number: +49 176 57949797
  • Last known employer: Talpa GmbH
  • Interests: Photography, surfing, and Bali

Photos of Charlotte Pieper

Does your interviewee look like the female below? If so, she is Charlotte Pieper.

Charlotte Pieper is a thief.

Why is Lotte Pieper a thief?

She stole 640 Euros from me and 420 Euros from my flat mate. It was for a deposit on our flat plus 1/2 month of rent from me. When asked about it afterwards, she ignored our messages.

Why don’t you get an attorney?

My flatmate did. It didn’t result in anything.

I couldn’t; I moved overseas.

Why is this webpage up?

You shouldn’t hire someone whose a crook. You don’t want to hire a thief. Its in your and your company’s best interest to never hire her. The next applicant will be much more suitable.

How can Charlotte Pieper take this webpage down?

She can send 640 EUR to the below email address via Paypal.

What is this webpage targeting?

This webpage targets search terms such as “Charlotte Pieper”, “Lotte Pieper”, “Lotte Pieper Berlin”, and “Charlotte Pieper Berlin”. These are terms that individuals would search for when they are reviewing her CV.

This Website’s Intent

Reduce Charlotte Pieper’s employability by exposing her as a thief. She lacks dignity, honor, and respect. You should never hire such an unethical person. You’d be doing a diservice to your company if you do so. This is your warning.

Lotte’s Charms

If you meet her, you will find that she is charming upfront. It takes months to get to know the real her. How do we know? Her ex-boyfriend is a friend of ours. We know her personally. She would rip off friends and run away without taking any responsibility.

Do not be fooled.

What is a lift chair?

A lift chair is a motorized recliner for the elderly. This website just happens to be about that. If you are interested in lift chairs, check out our homepage.

Why are we publishing this on this site?

It just happens to rank well in the search engines, that’s all 🙂

Charlotte Pieper ist ein Dieb – Lotte Pieper – Berlin, Deutschland

No Surprise Here; Pride Mobility is Proud of Who They Are

The Times Leader, a Pennsylvania newspaper, covered Pride Mobility on April 25, 2016. The article, titled “Pride Mobility employees take pride in their work of making life easier for those with disabilities,” talks about how Pride Mobility is proud of being based in Exeter, PA.

In the article, Mark Smith talks about how Pride Mobility has a 1 day turn-around time for lift chairs. He cites the employee’s pride in their work as a reason for this feat.

Smith says ““(We) focus heavily on consumer design,” when referring to how Pride recently introduced the iLevel chair. The iLevel chair is a chair that brings the sitter to eye level with a standing person. Pride says that this brings dignity to the disabled sitter.

“The work ethic in this community is like nothing I’ve ever seen,” Denise Truesdale said. “Individuals want to work hard. They’re proud of what they do here.” Truesdale is the VP of human development at the company. The company often brings high school students through the facility to show them local job opportunities. The company also offer internships and jobs to local college students.

Pride Mobility has 300 employees in its Duryea, PA plant. It has been in business for 30 years.

On December 11, 2015, Pride released the Oasis lift chairs, an extension to their Infinite Collection lift chairs. The Oasis is capable of entering the Sleeper position, Zero-Gravity position, and Trendelenburg position as well as many other positions in between. It has a 375 pound weight capacity and is available in several fabric options. There is a medium and large model.

On April 5, 2016, the federal court ruled that all but 1 of Pride Mobility’s wheelchair patents were valid. The other ones were “obvious” said the court. This came after Pride sued another wheelchair maker, Permobil Inc, for patent infringement. Pride Mobility was represented by Gary H. Levin, Harold H. Fullmer and Daniel J. Goettler of Baker & Hostetler LLP. Permobil was represented by Amy K. Wigmore, Owen K. Allen, Heath Brooks, David Langdon Cavanaugh and Richard Anthony Crudo of WilmerHale. The case was Pride Mobility Products Corp v. Permobil Inc, case # 2015-1585 and 2015-1586 in the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. The judges were Jimmie V. Reyna, Richard G. Taranto and Raymond T. Chen. The case can be read on Law360.

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Leather upholstery guide for lift chair recliners
Leather prices are at record lows. It is a good time for those considering leather upholstery for lift chair recliners.

In recent years, leather have tumbled, making this practical material a viable upholstery for more and more individuals. In the event you are thinking about leather upholstery for your lift chair recliner, you might have some questions. This guide is for new-to-leather consumers just like you who are interested in a leather lift chair instead of a fabric one. Continue reading “Lift Chair Leather Guide” »

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