Catnapper Landon 4852 Review


  • Catnapper Landon 4852
  • infinite Position Lift Chair
  • Price: $799.00
  • $501.60 below average
  • 5/5 stars
  • Buy now

Are you interested in an affordably priced infinite position lift chair that comes with an above average warranty? The Landon from Catnapper might  be the right chair for you. Read on to find out about this amazing lift chair.

About the Landon Lift Chair

Available in Bourbon or Java, the infinite position Landon lift chair is a very elegant looking lift chair. It has a 350 pound weight capacity and comes with Catnapper’s spring coil and gel seats. It is 39″ deep, 45″ tall, and 42″ long.


There are no reviews of this product online. This is mostly due to Catnapper selling their lift chairs at retail stores.


The Landon costs $799. This is $501 below the average price for an infinite position lift chair.


The Catnapper warranty is an above-industry-standard warranty. It covers the frame, coils, and lifting mechanism for the lifetime of the original owner. The motor is covered for 3 years and the seat is covered for 5 years. The fabric is excluded from the warranty. Catnapper will cover labor and shipping for the first year only.


The Landon receives a 5 out of 5 star rating from, mostly due to its low price. Catnapper really did it well with this product in our opinion.

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