Catnapper Soother Review


  • Catnapper Soother
  • 3 Position Lift Chair
  • Price: $1,009.00
  • $54.57 below average
  • 3/5 stars

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The Sooth is Catnapper’s massage and heat lift chair. It can be had for anywhere from $900 to $1,000. Is this lift chair the right one for you? Continue reading to find out.

About the 4825 Catnapper Soother power lift chair

Available in galaxy, vino, woodland, or autumn upholstery, the Catnapper Soother is a full recline lift chair with heat and massage functions. It has chaise seating, a steel seat box, and a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds. It comes fully assembled. The Catnapper Soother Lift recliner has optional massage. There chair comes with a manual and assembly instructions.

Soother Power Lift Recliner Reviews

The lift chair has mixed reviews. Here are what they say, in summary:

Kay from Artesia, CA gave the chair a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. She bought it for her father and the purchasing experience was hassle free. She did not write about usage.

Tina from Upper Marlboro, MD rated the chair 1 out of 5 stars. When she talked to the sales representative, he stated that the company will deliver the chair into her house. Upon delivery, she found out that it was untrue what he said and she had to pay $100 extra. From our experience at, we can confirm that most lift chairs will be delivered by freight and dropped off where it’s convenient to the truck driver. This can be at the end of the street if the street one’s house is on is made of dirt. One will need white glove delivery to have the chair delivered into one’s home.

Sally from Friday Harbor, WA gave the chair 4 out of 5 stars. The chair broke, she called Catnapper and the company walked her through the troubleshooting process. It was found that the remote control’s cable became unplugged from the motor. She was grateful for the assistance and liked the manufacturer.

Marlene from Huntington, NY rated the chair 2 out of 5 stars. She dislikes the fact that the message features can not be turned off once it’s on.

Sheila from Columbus, OH rated the chair 5/5. She finds it comfortable and sleeps well in the chair.

Randy from Athens, OH rated the chair 5/5. He says it is as advertised.

Henry from Dansville, NY rated the chair 5/5. He says it is a high quality chair.

In total, most individuals who liked the chair liked it because it is as advertised. Individuals who disliked it disliked it because the delivery was poor.


Catnapper has a very conditional warranty. If replacement parts are not available, they will not honor their warranty. The warranty is only for residential use, under normal usage, and does not cover the upholstery.

For most parts, the warranty is 1 year. Other parts of the lift chair have a longer warranty. Click here to read the document.

Medicare Reimbursement

Catnapper lift chairs are furniture and not Durable Medical Equipment, it says so in their catalog. It will not meet Medicare’s DME requirements and, therefore, will not qualify for a lift chair reimbursement which ranges from $250 to $300, depending on one’s state.


The Soother can be had for $900 to $1,000 with standard freight delivery. This is expensive for a lift chair. We recommend you shop around to make sure this is the chair you want.


The Soother, Catnapper’s massage lift chair, is a luxury piece of furniture. It is not a medical device, is priced high, and has so-so reviews. We recommend you shop around to make sure it’s the lift chair you want before buying. You can find other options with similar features for less or a model with more features for the same price. We rate it 3 out of 5 stars. Buy on Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Catnapper Soother Review”

  1. I am looking for a new remote for a catnapper power recliner that I bought at an estate sale. I don’t see any model number anywhere. The recliner is a dark brown leather upholstered with a side pocket. The remote ha two arrows to manipulate. It is now going down all the way of lays down rather than stopping in a sit up position with the root rest elevated.

  2. I am disappointed in this lift chair, I checked specific measurements the chair seat is 21 wide and 21 deep but was also suppose to be 21” in seat height, which it is not it is only 15” off the floor, making it a little difficult in getting up and using the lift doesn’t lift the chair straight up it lifts it up and forward making me feel as though I am going to fall head first. Also the massage was important to me in the calf and shin and. Can only seem to get it to work on the back, I wanted th3 leg massages for circulation while sitting. The chair is comfortable to sit in, the gel foam makes it very comfortable and I really love the upholstery. I also was happy that it has a battery backup, for power outages, and that it was manufactured in the USA!! But I am tempted to exchange. Maybe customer service will be of some help.

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