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Are you interested in the 350, 625, or 650 lift chairs from Comfort Chair Company? Do you want to compare power lift chair recliners? Based in Wisconsin, this US manufacturer produces high quality furniture but is it worth a purchase? This article will discuss the chair’s features, its price, reviews, and give a conclusion. Continue reading to find out more.

About Comfort Chair Company 3-way lift chairs

Comfort Chair Company, one of the best lift chair manufacturers, makes three models of 3-position lift chairs. These are the 350, 625, and 650 lift chair. Here are the details about each model.

  • 350 – This model features a biscuit pillow back and designed for price conscious consumers. It is available in standard size, petite, wide, petite wide, and extra wide.
  • 625 – This model also has a button back with padded arms, rolled-edge upholstery, and a wood frame.
  • 659 – This model has a turfed back, padded arms, a wood frame, and premium stitching.

Here are Comfort Chair Company’s maximum weight capacity for each sized lift chair, regardless of model.

  • Standard – 375 pounds.
  • Petite – 265 pounds.
  • Wide – 400 pounds.
  • Extra wide – 500 pounds.
  • Petite wide – 400 pounds.

Each sizes’ exact dimensions can be found here. The chairs have optional heat and massage functions.


There is only one review online and it rates the chair 5 out of 5 stars. It is from Doris in Statesboro, GA. She reviewed it on the 21st of July, 2015. She states that, after 4.5 years of daily use, the chair is wonderful, beautiful, and comfortable.


Comfort Chair Company offers a limited lifetime warranty on all lift chair wood frames, lift mechanisms, and electrical components except for extra-wide versions. Extra-wide lift chairs has a 2 year warranty.


The chair costs about $1,250.


For the price, the 3 position lift chairs from Comfort Chair Company is expensive. However, it is made in the USA and is a quality product. Other companies do produce 3 position lift chairs for around $500-$700 but there are frequent reviews stating that the chair broke and the company used a clause in the warranties’ exemption paragraphs to avoid repairing the chair. Comfort Chair Company makes quality products and lives up to its warranty. We recommend this sturdy chair. We rate this chair 5 out of 5 stars.

3 thoughts on “Comfort Chair Company 3 Position Lift Chairs Review”

  1. I have a comfort lift chair and I loved my chair. I purchase the chair from Aarons rental. For the past 2 months I have been having a lot of red bumps on my back then suddenly one day I took my checkbook out of the pocket and there were some bedbugs. Next day my daughter came and disassembled my chair and that chair was full of bedbugs. They were all through the chair even in the chaise. I had to have my chair and house exterminated. Its ashamed you would send a chair out like that.

  2. Can’t get my lift chair to work.
    ACK 412100583
    style 1Pl512.
    How much to replace it. Can I get used one?

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