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Are you looking for reviews of the Infinite Sleeper sleep chair from Comfort Chair Company? Look no more. This article will discuss the chair’s features, price, warranty, reviews, and give a general conclusion. This made in the USA chair is one awesome chair, so make sure you know all that’s needed about it before making an informed purchase. Continue reading to find out more.

About the Sleeper lift chair

The 775 Infinite Sleeper from Comfort Chair Company is an infinite position lift chair that reclines flat to allow an individual to sleep on it. The chair features foam seat, padded arms, wood frame, rolled-edge upholstery, and a removable back. The footrest and back move independently into whatever position one wishes. It has two motors and can go into the Trendelenburg (where feet are higher than head) position. This lift chair requires 18 inches from the nearest wall. It is available for quick ship which will ship it from the warehouse within 6 days. It is available in galaxy blue, chianti, henna brown, and dark cocoa. It comes in standard, petite, and wide sizes. Here are the weight limits for each size:

  • Standard: 375 pounds
  • Petite: 300 pounds
  • Wide: 400 pounds


There are no reviews for this chair online.


This chair comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the frame, lift mechanism (motor), and electrical components. This is above the industry standard of 1 year.


It is unknown if this chair meets Medicare’s lift chair reimbursement requirements.

Comfort Chair Price

This chair retails for about $1,400. Heat and massage, head and neck pillows, footrest pillow, lumbar pillow, and throw can be purchased as extras. White glove shipping costs extra. Payment plans are available.


If you are interested in an infinite position lift chair that only requires 14″ of space, this is the right lift chair for you. If you are price conscious consumer however, this lift chair should be avoided. At $1,400, it is double the price of other infinite position lift chairs. The price is partly due to it being made in the USA and the long warranty. It is recommended you stop by a showroom to test this chair out first as there are no reviews of it online.

One thought on “Comfort Chair Company Sleeper Review”

  1. We just purchased a Comfort Chair which only reclines and has vibration and heat. Sadly, due to a horrible design on the arm rest, it almost killed me as it flipped over throwing me onto the floor between the chair and window. I hit my head and knocked me out, and my hip hurts so bad I was sure it was broken. I was taken to emergency and am in horrible pain. I want this chair returned immediately to Art Van as it is dangerous. The chair design person should be fired.

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