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Are you interested in the Zero Wall lift chair from Comfort Chair Company? Made in the USA, this lift chair is innovative, unique, and appealing but is it the right lift chair for you? Read this article to find out. The article will discuss the chair’s features, warranty, reviews, Medicare qualification, and give a conclusion.

About Zero Wall lift chairs

The Zero Wall line of lift chairs (numbers 725 and 775) from Comfort Chair Company are a series of lift chairs that does not need feets of space behind it from the nearest wall. While other chairs require 3-4 feet of space, the Zero Wall line can do with just 4″. This is good for individuals in crowded or small rooms.

It is available in sky, galaxy, apollo blue, ocean, doo blue, glacier, camel, sand, raffia, maple, praline, gibson brown, trekker chili, mauve, villain vino morse code vino, woodland, rawhide maroon, rawhide brown, rawhide light coffee, rawhide black, gypsum, and hunter.

The chairs are available in standard, petite, and wide sizes. Here is the link to the size chart on Comfort Chair Company’s website.


There are no review of this chair found online.


The wood frame, lift mechanism, and electrical components all have a limited lifetime warranty. This is above the industry average as most companies provide a 1 year warranty.

Durable Medical Equipment

It is unknown if this chair meets Medicare’s DME requirements. You can call the manufacturer’s service line at 888-990-9394 to find out.


The chair can be purchased for about $1,250 online. White glove delivery, which will place the chair in your home and assemble it, costs extra.

For a 3 or infinite position lift chair, this chair is expensive. Other lift chairs are in the $500 to $700 range. If one truly has no space behind the lift chair and if one values having a lift chair very much, this lift chair is the one to choose.


The Zero Wall lift chair from Comfort Chair Company is a very unique lift chair in that it requires only inches to recline whereas other lift chairs require feets. The savings in space translate to a big increase in price. One must decide if a space-saving design such as this is worth it to them. If not, it is best to go with another chair. The Comfort Chair Company’s warranty is above industry average and, being made in the USA, this chair and company received little complaints. The chair has no reviews.

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  1. Need 0 lift chair -I am 6’4″ weigh 350 (I have cellulitis need to Keep feet elevated) and need 23″ seat width.

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