Features Of A Lift Chair

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Features Of A Lift Chair

A stand up desk is a simple and effective piece of furniture. It can be placed in any room that requires additional working space. The versatility of this stand up desk is the reason it is used in so many places. Here are five reasons why a stand up desk is a good choice.

Desk Clients: You can give a quick update on your status to the client by simply placing the chair alarm on the desk. The client will be alerted if he/she has not been able to wait long enough for their appointment. This convenient stand up desk also enables those who stand in line at the doctor’s office to rest comfortably while they continue to wait on a high chair. When a nurse calls, the callers can rest knowing the office is on schedule.

Hospital Employees: Often injured or suffering from another health problem, hospital staff members find it difficult to stand in prolonged periods. Lift chairs, which are rated at a maximum of three hundred pounds, are just what they need to provide needed support and assistance throughout their shifts. Manufacturers offer a variety of lifting options for these heavy duty lift chairs. The stand up wheelchair lifts are available in a maximum of three to four hundred pounds of capacity. These lifting options ensure the safe maneuverability of patients on the chair.

Power Lift Chair Users: As more people work longer and more hours, safety is important for all employees. Several manufacturers offer power lift chairs in different weight capacities to meet the needs of all professional and personal workers. Most of these chairs have one to two hundred and twenty pound capacity lifting capacities.

Stand Up Chairs for Different Use: Not only do stand up chairs provide convenient work space, they are versatile and can be reconfigured to fit most spaces. These chairs are often used in hospitals and other medical facilities. Since stand up chairs usually have a maximum capacity of three hundred and twenty pounds, power lift chairs are often used to provide temporary seating needs. In the home, these chairs can be used to provide additional seating or to accommodate visitors.

These chairs often have a variety of features. Some may have extra cup holders and other extra amenities. Some are equipped with a power lift features that raise and lower the user into a sitting position. A power lift chair is an excellent investment for anyone who requires a safe and convenient method of getting in and out of bed, sitting down to watch television or simply getting up from a seated position.

Most stand up lift chairs are available in a variety of styles and features. A three-position lift chair features a padded seat, three recline positions, leg rest and booster back. Other chairs may have a two-position lift chair with a padded seat, a slightly higher leg rest and a slightly lower leg rest. The most expensive of these chairs is the five-position lift chair, which features a padded seat, three recline positions, leg rest and a larger booster back.

A nurse call button is an essential feature for this type of chair. This button generally functions as an alarm for multiple purposes. The push of the button will usually wake the user, open the door and signal for assistance. An alarm can also activate the buzzer or lights in order to alert the users. Some of these alarms will even sound off at a certain volume, similar to the sound of a security guard’s bell.

One other important feature to look for in a lift chair is an alarm box. An alarm box will require the purchase of an additional unit. This box will attach to the side of the lift chair and sound an alarm when its sensors detect that someone has entered the room. Some of these alarms will sound off at several different volumes depending on who the sensor is identified as by the nurse call system. These units are generally more expensive than most other types of alarm systems, but are extremely effective at protecting the user.