Franklin Furniture 482 Morton Lift Chair Review


  • Franklin Furniture 482 Morton Lift Chair
  • 3 Position Lift Chair
  • Price: $874.00
  • 2/5 stars
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Are you interested in the 482 line of lift chair recliners, known as Morton, from Franklin Furniture? This company does not publish prices online nor does it have a lot of reviews. Continue reading to find out if you should buy from Franklin. This article will discuss the Morton’s features, comfortableness, price, warranty, Medicare qualification, and give the reader a general conclusion.

About the 482 Morton lift chair

The Morton lift chair from Franklin Furniture is a 3 position lift chair. It is powered by a single 24 volt motor with a battery backup. The chair has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds, which is industry standard. The seat is made of spring and foam. It has a chaise pad and is made in the USA. Its dimensions are 34.5″ x 38″ x 42.5″.  It can come with option massage features. It comes with a lift chair manual.

Franklin Lift Chair Reviews

There are two reviews available online. Both rate the lift chair 5/5 stars. One, from Andres in Las Vegas, states that her father enjoys the chair and enjoys the massage feature. Michael from Aberdeen says that the chair looks good and that he is satisfied with his purchase.


Franklin Corporation has a limited lifetime warranty on the lift mechanism, frame, and scissoring mechanism. All other lift chair parts — including electric lift chair parts — has, besides the fabric, a 1 year warranty.

The warranty excludes secondary owners, commercial use, improper use, improper maintenance, and when Franklin Corp no longer has spare parts for the model.

Many customers have complained about Franklin’s warranty as, if their product line is discontinued, they will no longer be able to receive repairs for their chair. This makes the warranty very weak. Some even state that it’s not even worth the paper it was written on. Take this into mind considering a Franklin chair recliner purchase.


It is unknown if Franklin Furniture’s lift chairs qualify for Medicare’s lift chair reimbursement. One must call a retailer to find out.


Franklin Furniture does not publish their prices online. Note that a 3 position lift chair usually retains for $500 to $700 online. If a retailer says that the chair costs more than that, know that you are being overcharged. We rate this chair 2 out of 5 stars for the price is unknown.


Watch out with Franklin Furniture. Their prices are unknown and their warranty is weak. If anything happens to your chair, you might be forced to buy another chair. They might also try to pressure you to buy for an overpriced lift chair when you show up to their showrooms. It is recommended that you buy a lift chair online instead as the prices and warranty are plainly available.

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