Golden Technologies Maxicomforter Review


  • Golden Technologies Maxicomforter
  • infinite Position Lift Chair
  • Price: $1,495.00
  • $194.40 above average
  • 5/5 stars

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Are you shopping for a lift chair? Are you interested in an infinite position lift chair? The Maxicomoforter from Golden Tech is a well priced, full featured lift chair that has tons of positive reviews. Find out if this lift chair is the one for you by reading on.

About the Maxicomforter Lift Chair

The MaxiComforter is Golden Tech’s multiple-sized infinite position lift chair. It is available as a junior petite (PR505JP), small (PR505S), medium (PR505M), and large (PR505L). The petite models have a 300 pound maximum weight capacity. The medium and large models have a 375 pound weight capacity. Here are the recommended sitter heights for each model:

  • Junior Petite: under 5′
  • Small: 5’0″ to 5’3″
  • Medium: 5’4″ to 5’10”
  • Large: 5’11” to 6’2″

The junior petite size is available in Palomino, Admiral, Evergreen, Cabernet, and Pearl. The small and large size is available in Palomino, Admiral, Evergreen, Cabernet, and Pearl. The medium size is available in Palomino, Admiral, Evergreen, Cabernet, Pearl, Buckskin, and Coffee Bean.

Golden Technologies Lift Chair Reviews

Here were what reviewers had to say about this recliner:

  • The Maxicomforter is better to sleep in than a bed.
  • She recommend it to friends.
  • The recliner is very comfortable and fits well.
  • The programmable positions is a very handy feature that sets the Maxicomfort from any recliners.
  • The Trendelenburg and Zero-Gravity positions are very nice to have.

Golden Maxicomforter Lift Chair Price

The Maxicomforter costs $1,495. This is $194 above the average price for an infinite position lift chair. Their chairs can be purchased online or through Golden lift chair dealers.


The Golden Technologies warranty is above the industry’s standard. For the first 3 years, everything is covered by Golden Tech, excluding the fabric. If something goes wrong, the company will pay for the part, labor, and shipping. After the first 3 years, labor and shipping is no longer covered and the parts are prorated for years 4-7 by 35%, 25%, 15%, and 5%. The industry standard is full coverage for the first year. This includes Golden Tech’s lift chair troubleshooting.

Conclusion – Lift Chair Reviews and Ratings

The Maxicomforter from Golden is an awesome lift chair. It is priced at the average price for an infinite position lift chair and comes with many, many features that other lift chairs do not have. We highly recommend this chair and rate it 5 out of 5 stars. Buy on Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Golden Technologies Maxicomforter Review”

  1. I bought the 505 medium MaxiComfort Lift Chair in 2010 for my mother who passed away in 2012. The chair has been sitting in a corner since her passing and has received virtually no use. I have decided to use the chair for myself, however, the chair itself is falling apart! The Bronco vinyl covering is peeling off in several places and the foam underneath is disintegrating. I don’t want to trash it (paid almost $1300 for it) as the mechanics of the chair seem to still work beautifully. I am having to come up with some way to wrap the chair so I can sit in it. I don’t understand why Golden Tech would wrap such a seemingly wonderful machine in such sub-par material.

  2. I hated this chair. I bought a 15° chair I guess, but didn’t know what that meat. It doesn’t recline enough to give me any relief is all I know. So irritating. The mechanism is clunky, wobbly, jumpy. It never seems to work the same way twice. The padding has turned hard and thin in under 3 months. It bulges up at the Bach and between my legs. I feel the frame underneath when I sit in it. It is very uncomfortable to use. The posture is never right because the design is only up or down. So it starts out wrong and continues to be wrong though out it’s limited range of recline. I hate this chair. I wish I’d never wasted my limited resources to pay way too much for a polished turd. Looks good in the store window. It feels good when you test it for a couple of minutes. But then you bring it home. Then you realize how you/I hate this chair. It is so slow to let your feet down, you miss phone calls, people walk away from your front door because they think you’re not home. And if you have urgency problems, you will become incontinent in place, waiting for this stupid chair to set you free. I HATE THIS CHAIR!!! What a waste of money. Sadly it checks all the boxes just enough so I can’t get a refund. It is, what I was told it was, a recliner that helps me stand up and keeps doing so. But the medical supply company that sold me this chair and Golden Technology who builds them, have not done me any favors, for certain. I hate this chair.

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