Golden Technologies Relaxer Review


  • Golden Technologies Relaxer
  • infinite Position Lift Chair
  • Price: $1,475.00
  • $175.00 above average
  • 4/5 stars

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Are you interested in the Relaxer powered lift chair recliner from Golden Technologies? This awesome infinite luxury position lift chair has the Trendelenburg position and Zero-Gravity position, which allows for extra comfort. It also has programmable buttons so you can easily find your preferred position.

About the Relaxer Lift Chair

Available as model number PR756MC for the regular size Relaxer or PR756L for the large size Relaxer, the Relaxer is an infinite position lift chair with memory functions. This allows sitters to save their favorite position. Other infinite position lift chairs require the sitter to adjust the seat until it reaches the right position. They can not go straight into their favorite position — unlike with the Relaxer.

The Relaxer is available in Hazelnut, Sterling, Copper, Calypso, Shiraz, Brisa Coffee Bean, and Brisa Buckskin. It has a 375 pound maximum capacity for both the medium and large model. The suggested height for the medium model is 5’4″ to 5’10” and the suggested height for the large model is 5’11” to 6’2″. The Relaxer is capable of entering the Trendelenburg position as well as the Zero-Gravity position.


Reviewers had this to say about the Relaxer:

  • It is very comfortable, versatile, and its massage and heat functions are relaxing.
  • The chair lasted for more than 3 years without any problems.
  • The seat is only 22 inches wide. If you need a wider seat, check other models.
  • The pre-set function really sets it apart from other lift chair recliners.

Warranty Information

The Golden Technology warranty is what considers the “above industry standard.” Other ratings are “bare minimum” and “industry standard.”

For the Relaxer, Golden Technologies offers a lifetime warranty on the lift mechanism, recline mechanism, and frame. There is subsidized labor during the first 3 years for these parts. All electrical components, which includes the motor and hand control, have a 7 year warranty. All manufacturer’s defects that occur in years 1-3 are covered 100% by Golden Technologies. Year 4 is pro-rated by 35% the retail price, year 5 is pro-rated by 25% the retail price, year 6 is pro-rated by 15% the retail price and year 7 is pro-rated by 5% the retail price.

This is much better than other manufacturers who will only offer a 1 year warranty on the electrical components.


The Relaxer is available for $1,475 for the medium model and $2,017 for the large model. The average price for an infinite position lift chair is $1,300. This makes the medium size Relaxer $175 more than average and the large size Relaxer $716 more than average.


The medium Relaxer is well worth the money in our opinion. The large relaxer is expensive and not the best large lift chair available as the seat is only 22 inches wide. The weight limit for both the large and medium Relaxer is 375 pounds. Individuals looking for a large lift chair should go elsewhere. Individuals looking for a medium size infinite position lift chair should go with the Relaxer. We rate the medium size Relaxer 4 out of 5 stars. The large size Relaxer is 3 out of 5 stars. The Golden Technology warranty could be better. That’s the reason for the -1 and -2 stars respectively. Click here to view the Amazon listing.

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