Lift Chair Leather Guide

Leather upholstery guide for lift chair recliners
Leather prices are at record lows. It is a good time for those considering leather upholstery for lift chair recliners.

In recent years, leather have tumbled, making this practical material a viable upholstery for more and more individuals. In the event you are thinking about leather upholstery for your lift chair recliner, you might have some questions. This guide is for new-to-leather consumers just like you who are interested in a leather lift chair instead of a fabric one.

Features of Leather

Photo of different types of leather.
Leather is durable and available in a wide array of colors and textures.

Leather is easy to keep clean, and does not rip, burn, or puncture readily. Since leather has a much more compact fiber makeup than woven fabric, the chances of your pet puncturing it’s distant. Treated leather also resists stains. Leather also doesn’t absorb smells like fabric. These things make leather a higher utility upholstery than fabric or suede.

Most lift chair manufacturers offer a variety of leather colours as well as designs and types. Regardless of the styling, the leather ought to be supple, soft and comfortable to sit on. Leather is porous, permitting air to circulate and suppose the surrounding temperature; so also is resistance to damping and does not get cold in the winter or hot and sweaty in the summer.

You need to know about the leather industry vocabulary to make an informed purchase.

  • Top grain leather is the highest quality leather and is made of the top half of the cow’s skin.
  • Leather match means furniture upholstered on recliners and movement furniture, frequently with a mix of leather and vinyl to prevent sagging around moving parts. The vinyl is usually used on the sides and rear and is expired to coordinate with the leather.
  • Bonded leather makes up a substantial portion of the marketplace. Leather fibers are joined with other fabrics, like polyurethane, and fabrics.
  • Bi-cast is split leather with a coating to increase durability.
  • Bonded leather is leather with 10-80% other material to, once again, increase durability.
  • Corrected grain leather – the leather has been sanded to remove imperfections and a faux grain is applied.
  • Full grain leather has not been treated and contains its original markings such as scars, brands, and holes.


  • Aniline leather has had a see-through dye. This is the least processed leather. No lift chair manufacturer offers Aniline as it is not durable and is for luxury furniture.
  • Semi-Aniline leather is the second least processed and has a little bit more protection than Aniline. It is rare to have semi-aniline leather in lift chair recliners.
  • For pigmented leather, colour is placed on the surface, not dyed through. And this procedure conceals imperfections and adds durability, while the colour is not as vibrant.

Care and Maintenance

Photo of someone wiping a leather arm rest.
Taking good care of leather will keep it looking good for generations.

Leather products are simple to keep looking fantastic, should you follow several basic guidelines. Leather must not be put in direct sunshine. Leather could potentially stiffen from heat exposure and can disappear. Additionally, due to the propensity to consume other dyes of leather, avoid putting contents that are printed on leather as the ink can transfer and make a spot. When using a lift chair as a bed, avoid hard leather.

Other tips: Utilize a clean dry cloth to dust weekly to stop build-up of routine home soil. But don’t use any wetness on Nubuck, suede, or unguarded finishes. In taking care of your leather furniture the last step would be to clean every 5-6 months using a leather cleanser that is gentle. After cleaning, apply a protective leather lotion to make sure it stays supple and soft.

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