Lift chair rental

Saving money is a good idea in retirement.

Every year millions of accidents involve elderly individuals. What is more surprising is that most of them happen at home. They fall off the stairs and sometimes even from their sitting chairs. They are not able to lift themselves properly and they fall down. An incident is always followed by a period of recovery. That means the person in question has a need for support more than ever. One of the ways to provide support for an older person who went through an accident and is currently recovering is to acquire a lift chair. A lift chair is a medical device that will help the injured person get up with a lot more ease. In the sitting position is a comfortable recliner, but when necessary, the user can engage the lifting mechanism. That way the chair will help him or her to sit up.

Summary: Buying a LC-101 lift chair for $500 with free shipping usually is cheaper for most individuals. Renting a lift chair adds up quickly (see math below). Click here to buy an LC-101 from Amazon for $500 with free shipping.

Rent a chair?

It’s cheaper to buy a lift chair if you need a lift chair for 2 or more months (or would like to use it after your treatment). Click here to view prices.

There is a spreading trend to rent a chair instead of buying one. It may come in handy, but most arguments advise against such practices? Why? Let’s look at the numbers, shall we?

First of all, companies that are in the business of lift chair rental require a one time fee for delivery and pick up. After doing a little research, you will see that fee going somewhere around 100$. It can be lower, but it can also go higher. Usually, this sum includes the setup, but sometimes it may not. It may not seem much at first, but wait until other charges add up.

Secondly, the weekly fees can be enormous. Some companies may offer a price per week considering the period of time for which you need the lift chair. You can pay 60 $ per one week, 100$ per two weeks or 180$ per month. But don’t be too happy about it. This example is from Canada. We all know how it goes with the healthcare there. It doesn’t even begin to compare with the one in the US.

As a consequence, again after doing some research, you will notice that in New York, for example, the price per week is 100$ and per month is 225$. But this is just for a 3 position lift chair. If your needs dictate, you may need an infinite position chair. Maybe your circulation is bad, and you need to spend a few hours in Trendelenburg. If that is the case, then the lift chair rental will cost you 150$  per week or 300$ per month.

See how the fees add up? Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

What is your alternative?

Believe it or not, with the money you use to rent an infinite position lift chair in New York for a month (the prices in other states are not very different) plus 100$, you buy the whole thing. An LC-101 lift chair from MegaMotion will cost you just 500$.

Now you see how lift chair rental can be a broad light robbery? If you find yourself in the unfortunate case of needing this product for more than a month, which is very likely considering your age, then you will throw the money out the window.

Moreover, after the need for the chair disappears you can enjoy a very comfortable recliner. And you don’t know when you may need it again. What will you do? Spend another amount of money on a rental? It sounds absurd if you ask me.

The advantages of buying over renting

Its a better idea to rent a lift chair. Click here to buy on Amazon with free shipping.

It’s not hard to see that there are many benefits of owning your own lift chair. Rental only offers the right of temporary usage, which is why it is considerably inferior to ownership.

  • You can enjoy all the benefits of ownership. Once an item is yours, it feels different. You don’t have to worry all the time that you will damage it or break it altogether. I am not saying that you shouldn’t be careful with your own things, but it helps not to stress out over someone else’s property. I don’t even want to think about what happens if you break a rented lift chair. The costs must be enormous.

Besides, you don’t have to worry that the period of time will expire and you will have to return it; or if you need to extend the rental and pay another load of money. It is simpler if you just buy your own and that’s the end of it.

For example, let’s say you are from Florida and you need to rent a 3-position chair for 5 weeks (doctor’s orders). Do you have any idea what will that cost you? You have a month, which is 200$ plus 80 dollars for the extra week. Then you have the delivery and pick up fees that are 60$ each. What do you get? 400$ And you are not certain that 5 weeks will do. If you need more time with the chair, you will pay even more.

Do you know what you can do with that kind of money? You add 100$ more, and you buy your very own lift chair. Do you think you will regret? Not a chance. After the primary cause of the purchase passes, you can simply relax in the most comfortable recliner you will ever have.

  • Rentals can come in a bad quality. Since they had many `tenants,’ they may not be in the greatest shape. They may come damaged or with ripped fabric. It doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

The companies that are in this business say that they sanitize the chairs after each rental, but you can never be sure. It’s safe to assume that it’s better for your health if you just buy your own lift chair,

  • You may not always find what you need. When you want to rent a lift chair, you will have to order what you need. If you are recommended an infinite position chair, then that is what you should rent.

But what if the lift chair rental company does not have what you require for the moment? You settle for something less than adequate? I don’t believe that’s right for you. That is why buying is more advantageous than renting. You can buy precisely what you need and can use it whenever. It’s yours to do with it as you please. 

Still want to rent?

In the long run, renting is not a very good idea. If you need a lift chair for two weeks, then it’s ok. But more than that means money out the window. Think of it as an investment for your future well-being.

And still…you don’t know exactly for how long you will need the lift chair. You can never know what can happen. Events can be unpredictable. So why not play it safe and buy the chair? There are no disadvantages to it.

Things to consider when buying

Buying is the smarter decision. Just consider this:

  • It’s a lot cheaper in the long run (see the LC-101 from MegaMotion; just 500$ and 0$ delivery fee)
  • You can enjoy the flexibility – the lift chair is yours to command. You don’t have to follow any regulation imposed by anyone but yourself.
  • You can make sure that it is properly maintained and cleaned.
  • Think about the fact that if you sign a contract with a rental company for 8 weeks and you use it only for 6, you still have to pay for the remaining 2 weeks. But when you own your chair…apart from basic maintenance you don’t have to pay another dime.
  • Rental companies may ask you to pay insurance fees, which will only enlarge your monthly charges.

As you can plainly see, buying holds a lot of advantages over renting. You may not see that at first, but after a while, you will wish that you had bought the lift chair instead of renting it. Leasing companies try to make it all seem cheap and convenient, but in reality, that is a big lie.


It is always better to own something than rent it. It applies to houses, cars, and why not, to lift chairs. They are not very expensive. Renting one will be a major leak in your finances, which is why it is best if you make a one-time investment and make the purchase. There are no downsides to it. Click here to view the LC-101 on Amazon and save in the long run.