Med-Lift 5400 Series Review


  • Med-Lift 5400 Series
  • 3 Position Lift Chair
  • Price: $1,130.00
  • $66.43 above average
  • 4/5 stars

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Are you interested in the 5400 Series lift chair from Med-Lift? Built in the USA, this lift chair is apart of the Med-Lift line of lift chairs and mobility products. Med-lift also produces adjustable beds, has a line of children’s furniture, and backs its products with a warranty. But, is this chair the right one for you? Read on to find out. This article will delve into the chair’s features, benefits, price, warranty information, reviews, Medicare coverage, and give the reader a general conclusion.

About the 5400 Series lift chair

The 5400 Series lift chair from Med-Lift is a 375 maximum weight capacity 3 position lift chair. It does not lie totally flat. It has coil seats with 5 springs. There is a battery backup system, as required by Medicare. The unit has optional vibration or heating. It is available in Abby blue, tan, or white. It is 39.5″ wide, 44.5″ deep, and 42.5″ tall. It reclines to 76.5″. The length from the footrest to back of seat is 40″ and the width of the seat is 22″. The seat is 21.5″ deep. The length from the seat to the arms are 8″. The seat is 20.5″ from the floor and the back is 27″. The ottoman is 20″ from the floor. This chair comes with Med-Lift’s chair remote — a really intuitive remote control.

Med-Lift Lift Chair Reviews

There are no reviews of this lift chair online.


There is a lifetime warranty on the frame, lift mechanism (motor) and reclining hardware. There is a 4 year warranty on remaining parts, besides fabric. The warranty includes Med-Lift lift chair parts and Med-Lift lift chair troubleshooting.


The unit retails for a little more than $1,400. The chair is sold through Med-Lift Lift Chair Dealers.


This item qualifies for Medicare’s lift chair reimbursement for individuals on Medicare Part B who meets the medical necessity requirements.


The 5400 series lift chair is a pretty common lift chair. It only reclines and pushes the sitter up. It doesn’t lie totally flat or go into the Trendelenburg position. For the price, it’s very, very expensive for such a dull lift chair. The value of the chair, in’s opinion, tops at $800. The warranties nothing spectacular, although 3 years longer than other manufacturers. For $1,400, you’re over-paying by at least $600. Check around the site, you’ll find similar lift chairs at 50% to 60% less than this one. Buy on Amazon.

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