Med-Lift 59 Series “Bentley” Lift Chair Review


  • Med-Lift 59 Series
  • 3 Position Lift Chair
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Are you interested in the Bentley lift chair from Med-lift? This luxury lift chair has many great optional features. How do you know if this chair is right for you? Read on. We will cover the chair’s features, its price, its warranty, and its medicare coverage. The article will then give you a conclusion.

About the Bentley

A made in the USA recliner, the Bentley from Med-life is a chaise pad, foam and spring recliner that is available in a wide range of fabrics and leathers. It is available in the 5900 “wall-a-way” model and the 5955 “full sleeper” model. The wall-a-away model takes little space from the back of the recliner to a wall. The sleeper model reclines flat so that one can sleep in it.

The wall-a-way model has the following dimensions: 40.5″x38″x46″x67″. The seat’s dimension is 20.5″x20″ with 8.5″ in thickness. There is 20″ from the seat to the floor and 28.5″ from the seat to the top of the back.

The sleeper model has the following dimensions: 40.5″x38″x46″x74″. The seat and back has the same dimensions.

Both models come with optional massage, heat, and head pillow. The maximum weight capacity, for both models, is 375 pounds.

Med-Lift Lift Chair Reviews

There are no reviews of this product at this time.


There is a limited lifetime warranty on the frame, lifting mechanism, and scissors. The rest of the chair has a 4 year warranty. This includes Med-Lift lift chair remote, parts, and troubleshooting.


This chair is not cheap! It starts out at $1,333 and other options cost extra. The chair is sold through Med-Lift dealers and online retailers.


This chair might qualify for Medicare’s lift chair reimbursement.


If you are looking for a nice, luxurious leather sleeper or recliner lift chair, this model, the Bentley, is a good choice for you. It comes in a full recline model or a sleeper model, has a variety of fabrics and leather to choose from, and has heat and massage available. Out of all the chair’s we review, this is one of the best looking chair. They really designed it well when they created it. We rate it 4 out of 5 stars.

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