Mega Motion LC-100 Review


  • Mega Motion LC-100
  • infinite Position Lift Chair
  • Price: $869.00
  • $431.60 below average
  • 5/5 stars

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Are you interested in the LC-100 lift chair by Mega Motion? This article will discuss its features, reviews, warranty, and price. The article will also give you an overview of the chair. If you are interested, read on as this article will shorten your research process.

About the Mega Motion LC-100 Infinite Position Dual Motor lift chair

The LC-100 from Mega Motion is an infinite position lift chair. This means that both the back and foot rest can move asynchronously to any degree an individual wishes. Other lift chairs can only go into predefined positions as programmed by the manufacturer.

The features of the LC-100 are as follows:

  • The chair is available in brandy, brown vinyl, chocolate, fawn, navy, and sage.
  • Hardwood and plywood frame.
  • Lifetime warranty on the motor.
  • 325lb max weight capacity.
  • 2 years warranty on parts, excluding fabric.
  • A chaise pad.
  • A battery backup, in case the power goes out while an individual is in the chair.
  • 27″ back, 18.5″ seat to floor height, 19.5″ seat depth, 20″ seat width, 25″ back height.
  • Ships by freight.
  • Requires assembly and two 9V batteries.
  • Made in the USA with some imported components.
  • Weights 130 pounds.
  • Able to go into the Trendelenburg position (where the head is below the feet).
  • Includes two magazine pockets.
  • Assembled in China.


The LC-100 received 4.1 bars out of 5 bars on, 4 out of 5 stars on, and 4.3 out of 5 stars on Here were what reviewers stated about this lift chair:

  • The lift, heat, and massage feature work as advertise.
  • Sleeping in the chair is comfortable, especially with the flat recline.
  • Smooth lifting motion.
  • The toggle switch needs practice to get used to but once learned the control is easy to operate.
  • There are no springs in the seat so the cushion can get worn out.

In total, the infinite position lift chair LC-100 is a good value for what’s offered. The hand controls can be easier to operate but it is not too difficult. Other than that, it is a fine lift chair.


Mega Motion offers a 2 year warranty on all parts except the fabric and motor. The motor, “lifting mechanism,” has a lifetime warranty. The exact wording can be found below. The warranty only covers the original purchaser under normal use and does not cover commercial use.


The LC-100 can be had for $750 to $850. This is about $100 or $200 more than the 3 position models that Mega Motion makes and several hundred dollars less than similar Pride models.


For the price, this lift chair is a solid offer. It goes into infinite positions, is comfortable to sit in, and has a remote that needs practice to learn. This chair is suitable for individuals who want a lift chair with plenty of features yet does not want to pay for a top of the line model. There are no springs in the seat so it will not feel like an automobile chair but it is comfortable and one can easily sleep in it. We rate it 5 out of 5 stars. Click here to view on Amazon.


9 thoughts on “Mega Motion LC-100 Review”

  1. Very informative. I learned a lot about lift chairs that I didn’t know and I’ve been using one for over ten years. My next chair won’t have the springs that I’ve been enduring. Thankfully yours, Marj

  2. Very impressed by your website, especially all the information one needs to know to make an educated purchase. Well written too and easy to follow and understand. Hope can help me out. If not, where in Canada can I hopefully purchase this LC-300 chair. I need 1 for my 96 year old mom and 1 for myself. We are both petite. Please recommend a chair for us that is budget friendly and not too complicated a remote. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    Norma W, Toronto ON, Canada area

  3. My mother-in-law says she will not buy a chair without sitting in it. Is this possible or is the purchase sight unseen??

  4. One year ago, my 88 yr old mom who is disabled, bought a mega motion lift chair. It has been a disaster! We complained to furniture store where bought and was told to deal with the company. We did that. It makes a loud popping noise when raising foot rest. It scared her each time. A local group came and looked at it and stated no fix and recommended replacement. Just last month a new chair was delivered to her. It was a different chair and we assumed it was a replacement. My mom had been using the chair for a couple of wks and was called and told the wrong chair was delivered and why did she accept this chair? A man came to get old chair yesterday. Now she gets a call that they will pick up the new chair after my mom has been using it and is happy with it. My sister told them they are not picking up the chair as she will have nothing to sit in. And by the way the chair will be destroyed by the company saying it can’t be used??? This has been a year of incompetence…now they want to take the chair that my mother needs to live safely. What a crying shame this company is.

  5. We need to buy a lift chair for our mother who is in Clearwater Lodge in Cloverdale. She is 90 years old, overweight, (200#) but aprox 5’4″. She needs one with a wide seat, in a material such as vinyl or leather which can be cleaned easily. We are in GA but her daughter is in Cloverdale. We will facilitate buying and arranging delivery and set-up. Please reply.

  6. Great website for determining what is best for one’s needs. Thank you so much for your research!!!

  7. Thank you for the good information about lift chairs in general and the Mega Motion LC-100 chair in particular. My problem tho is that I am afraid I’ll spend that kind of money and then not like the chair! That limits my choices to those in my area ( not many ). Obviously returning a chair bought from an on-line merchant would be a major, and expensive, undertaking! I don’t know what to do!!

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