Mega Motion LC-362 Lift Chair Review


  • Mega Motion LC-362
  • 3 Position Lift Chair
  • Price: $799.00
  • $264.57 below average
  • 5/5 stars

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Are you interested in knowing more about the LC-362 lift chair from Mega Motion? This article will walk you through the pros, cons, reviews, price, and warranty information of this lift chair. It will also give you a general overview of the chair at the end as well as links to other resources. Read on to find if the LC-362 is the right lift chair for you.

About the Mega Motion Easy Comfort LC-362 lift chair

The LC-362 from Mega Motion is a 3 position lift chair whose third position is almost a full recline. For 3 position lift chairs can only move into 3 pre-programmed positions, it is vital that a buyer buys one with positions that suits him/her. Here are specifications as listed by Mega Motion:

  • Frame is made from hardwood and plywood.
  • There is a lifetime warranty on the lifting mechanism.
  • It has a maximum weight capacity of 375lbs.
  • There is a 2 years manufacturer’s warranty on parts that are not the lifting mechanism.
  • There is a built in battery backup that requires two 9V batteries.
  • This model has a chaise pad.
  • The LC-362 has a 29″ back, 19″ seat to floor height, 20″ seat depth, 19.5″ seat width, and 25.5″ back height.
  • It is available in sage, navy, fawn, chocolate, brown vinyl, and brandy.
  • The chair weighs 100lbs and will be shipped by freight.
  • It fits individuals between 5’4″ and 6’0″ well.

Customer reviews

The LC-362 received 4.4 out of 5 stars on and 4 out of 5 bars on Here are what purchasers had to say about the chair:

  • The chair has an appealing look and fits well with other furniture.
  • The fabric resists spills.
  • The controls are intuitive at all ages.
  • The chair fits individuals well and is a bit smaller than a normal recliner.
  • The chair is a good value when comparing price to functionality.
  • The chair is exactly as advertised.
  • The construction quality is good.
  • The chair is comfortable.

In all, the LC-362 is a high quality chair that suits itself well to individuals who are of average or small build. Taller or large individuals should not buy this model.


Mega Motion provides a lifetime warranty on the motor, referred to as “lifting mechanism,” and a 1 year warranty on other parts except the fabric. Read the warranty information below to find the exact coverage.


The LC-362 can be had for a little under $700 online.


If you are looking to buy a lift chair for yourself or a relative, the LC-362 is a good option if you are medium or small in size. The price is not the lowest possible price for a lift chair but it is a good value for what’s offered. Note that this is a 3 position lift chair and not an infinite recline lift chair. We rate it 5 out of 5 stars. Buy on Amazon.


8 thoughts on “Mega Motion LC-362 Lift Chair Review”

  1. They are a ripoff .I have been calling and emailing for a month and no one has got in touch with me.I live on a fixed income and can’t afford to buy another chair. I wouldn’t put to much faith in them.

  2. i just got out of hospital and need a recliner that is electric and can help me stand up

  3. I selected – I’m looking for a lift chair that can accommodate someone between 375 pounds and 600 pounds. The chair you provided me as an option is only up to 375!!! I need one that can handle 450 – 500 at a similar cost as the LC-362.

  4. Why show me a chair that doesn’t meet my requirements of 375-500 pounds.
    Show me a chair for someone 5 6 – 6 ft.
    extra wide

  5. The advertisement says weight between 375 and 600 lbs. but when read it says 375 max. What’s up with that?

  6. I am looking to order a chair for my special needs daughter.
    22 y/o 320 Pounds.
    Do you have the CPT codes to I can buy one through her insurance
    1- Medical
    2-Anthem Blue Cross PPO
    She is having surgery soon and needs a lift chair recliner.
    We have a prescription but the doctor dosent know the CPT codes to give to the insurances ..

    Thank you for your help and time for my daughter.

    661 993- 9941

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