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What is BestLiftChair.net?

BestLiftChair.net was started in 2016 as a site offering lift chair reviews. The site’s purpose was to help senior citizens or caregivers find the correct lift chair recliner for them or their client, respectively.

What is a lift chair?

Also called power lift chairs, lift chair recliners, and electric lift chairs, these are motorized recliners. The recliners can go into several recline positions as well as an “up” position that pushes the sitter out of the seat. They are popular for individuals who have a hard time getting up out of a chair such as the elderly, individuals who’ve had knee surgery, and individuals suffering from artheritis.

Who makes lift chairs?

There are tons of lift chair manufacturers. The big ones are Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility. There are also smaller manufacturers as well. We cover all of them on this site. We review over 200 lift chairs, which is the majority of lift chairs available in the US and Canada.

What are some good pages to check out to learn more about lift chairs?

Our homepage has great content on lift chairs. It covers everything from lift chair prices to the different types of lift chairs (three position, two position, and infinite position). That’s the best starting point for anyone who would like to learn more about lift chair recliners.