Stair Chair Lifts for Curved Stairs

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Stair Chair Lifts for Curved Stairs

A stair chair, sometimes also known as a stair stepper or stair lift, is simply an electrical chair that enables the individual to stand up and be moved up or down the staircase. As compared with other options, stair chair lifts are actually not a one size fits all solution. That being said, there are a few features which are essential for you to be able to find the right stair chair lift for your needs.

Before purchasing a stair chair, make sure that you have the correct body mechanics. Stair steppers are powered by electricity so the user must have good muscle tone and flexibility in order to prevent falls and/or injury. For this reason, patients with muscle weakness or those who lack flexibility may want to look at other options such as seeing a physical therapist to properly treat their condition or request the use of a mobility device if they do not currently have one.

The stair chair lift itself must fit the stairs well. Many models fold flat, making it easier for a wheelchair user to transport to and from their home or office. For some, the chair lift folds completely out of the chair. Regardless of how it looks, if it doesn’t move properly when the user moves up and down the stairs, then it will not work properly for them.

You should also consider your weight and build when looking for a suitable stair chair lift. A larger, heavier user will typically need a sturdier and larger stair lift than a lighter person. For this reason, stair lifts often have to be custom built rather than purchased off the shelf, but the results can be worth the extra cost.

The next thing you need to consider is the installation. A stair chair lift typically requires a lot of setup before it can be fully installed. In some cases, there may be stairs that need to be turned into stairs to make it fit better. There may also need to be openings where the wheelchair can be transported to, as well as a platform on which it can sit. Make sure that the company installing your stair lift has experience in this area, or choose another manufacturer.

There are other considerations you should look into as well. Some stair lifts for stairs include a variety of options, including automatic control, remote control, and push button options. If you have trouble reaching a button on the chair at night, or if you are afraid something could happen while you are asleep and pressing the button, you may want to choose another model. Many companies offer different options for different types of staircases, so it’s important to consider which type would work best for your situation. For example, a curb stair lift is perfect for curbside staircases, whereas a vertical stair chair lift would be more suitable for staircases that lead up to the exterior of your home.

Of course, the most important factor in choosing a stair chair lift for your stairs is making sure the customer has a safe, easy, and comfortable experience. Remember, the entire process is made easier by the expertise of a professional, and it’s the job of the professional number three to make sure everything goes smoothly. The customer and the technician will do their best to accommodate the needs of each person; remember, it’s their job to make sure everyone gets a good experience. A professional stairlift will have custom modifications made for people who have difficulties with their upper body strength, for example. A specialist stairlift will make sure that the equipment works properly with each individual in order to give each person the most comfortable and safe experience possible.

Overall, it’s good to know that stair lifts for stairs are available for everyone’s unique situation. From curved stair lifts for straight stairs to a variety of options for curbside and uptown stair lifts, there are plenty of options. Each situation is going to be different, and no two stair lifts are ever exactly the same. By taking the time to consider all your options, you can make the most informed decision about which chair lift is going to work best for your stairs.