The Risedale Lift Chair

risedale lift chair

The Risedale lift chair is a unique combination of design and functionality, and the secret to its success lies in Uplift’s patented LeveLift, a seat that moves on a level lifting plane, which prevents the “dumping” action of some catapult lift chairs. A risedale lift chair only raises the seat, making it more aesthetically pleasing and discrete when not in use. A risedale lift chair can easily accommodate a wide range of body sizes and shapes.

The stylish Risedale lift chair offers a modern alternative to traditional, casual lift chairs, and blends seamlessly into formal living room furnishings. Because it only lifts the seat cushion, this lift chair can be placed against a wall without taking up precious floor space. The custom height-adjustable legs of this wing-back chair make it ideal for tight spaces, and it comes in four attractive colors. You can also purchase an ottoman separately if you prefer.

This lift chair also features an optional storage ottoman, so you can easily organize magazines and other items. Made of 100 percent polyester, the Risedale is highly durable, and will last for years with proper care. You can store your TV remote, magazines, and much more in the convenient storage compartment at the top of the ottoman. It’s easy to remove and store when not in use, so you won’t need to move it from room to room.

In addition to comfort, the risedale lift chair is also available in a variety of sizes. The fabric that covers it varies, but all are easy to maintain and are long-lasting. Choose the material wisely. Brisa is a popular material for lift chairs. It’s very durable and easy to clean, and comes in many colors. In addition to comfort and style, the risedale lift chair also comes with an impressive warranty.