UltraComfort AutoLounger Lift Chair Review


  • UltraComfort AutoLounger
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Are you interested in the AutoLounger lift chair from UltraComfort? This infinite position lift chair allows one to program their favorite position for quick access. But, is it worth the $1,500 price tag? Continue reading to find out. This article discusses the chair’s features, price, warranty, and gives the reader a conclusion.

About the AutoLounger Lift Chair

The AutoLounger lift chair is an infinite position lift chair that lets you program your favorite position so that, in a touch of a button, you can return to that position. It is sold by Ultra Comfort America. Other infinite position lift chair requires one to recline until they find the position that suits them. 3 and 2 position lift chairs can only recline into preset positions.

AutLounger Reviews

There are no reviews of this chair online. It’s usually sold through a retailer, which means you’ll have to find it in stores. This also means that people don’t review it online (nor can you find a store online that sells it).


This chair retails for $1,500. The average price for an infinite position lift chair is about $1,00 to $1,100 with the lowest price we’ve seen being $700. This is an expensive lift chair.


The UltraComfort warranty is different for each model. Click here to read it. If you’re wondering, it’s a so-so warranty in our opinion.


Not much is known about this chair besides its sell point. While being able to program your favorite position is nice, we’re pretty sure it’s not $500 more than the average price of an infinite position lift chair nice. In fact, it’s quite expensive. Don’t buy this lift chair. You’ll be happier with $500 in your pocket. We rate it 3 out of 5 stars.

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  1. We have had one for several years. Love it, however, we would like to have someone call us we have a question.

    We sincerely appreciate your assistance with this question.

    Thank you
    Patrick Mason
    152 Atlantic Ave
    Hull, Ma
    781 589 8874

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