Used lift chairs

No one likes a difficult time getting up! Relieve that with a lift chair. Buying a used lift chair is hard — mostly hard to find the right size. Buying a new lift chair is convenient and the price difference is not that much. Click here to view prices.

Nobody likes being in the position of needing assistance every time they need to get up from their couch or chair, but for some, this is a cruel reality. Thankfully there are medical devices that can help right in the comfort of your home. They are called lift chairs and will ease the life of anyone who requires this kind of aid.

If you are looking for a lift chair, I can only assume that you are an old person or a caregiver to an elder. You have a few options, and if you are tight on cash, the most attractive one is purchasing a used lift chair, am I right? There is nothing wrong with second-hand items. If they are well kept, they might as well be new.

However, well-kept items are rare, and people who sell them have only their interest at heart. They are willing to hide the truth or mask it in order to make the sale go smoothly. That is why you are open to risks. Yes, sure…they are cheaper, but is the risk really worth the chance of needing to buy another item in a few weeks or months? Not really.

What is the used lift chair offer?

Looking and finding a used lift chair is not a difficult job, especially in this day and age. The internet has millions of ads and finding what you need is a mere click of a button. Almost everyone has something to sell, and seldom they sell lift chairs.

Used lift chairs can be found on CraigsList for at least 300$. I don’t know your financial situation, but given the fact that you are looking to purchase a much-needed device from CraigsList, I can safely assume that money is not your strongest suit. Which is why 300$ is not little to you. Now, knowing what I’m sure you know about CraigsList, are you really willing to gamble that hard worked money? My guess is no.

I’m not saying that all ads from there are bad and that all people are liars and charlatans. What I am saying is that you may not be prepared to take a chance. 300$ is not pocket change. And the most important thing is that you need that lift chair. With that chair, your life, or the life of your loved one, is a little more bearable. After all, that is why you are doing this right? To make your life, or the life of a person you love, easier.

What is your alternative?


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Manufacturers are aware of the needs people have when they purchase lift chairs. Unfortunately, they are not cheap to make, so they cannot be sold at small prices. The price of an item is dictated by the costs of the resources it takes to make. But what some companies managed to do is to cut all unnecessary costs in order to sell at the lowest price possible.

A great example is the Pride Mobility Products Ltd. They managed to create a lift chair that new is worth only 200$ extra than a used lift chair. Yes, that is not a typo. An LC-101 from MegaMotion can be found at the incredible price of 500$.

What are the advantages of a new lift chair over a used lift chair?

The price difference between buying a new and used lift chair is very slim. Click here to check out prices.

I am sure that you know how the benefits of buying a new lift chair can exceed the downsides. But if you need something to reassure you that the purchase of a new item is the best choice, here you go:

  • You can enjoy all the benefits that come with the procurement of a new lift chair. A new one will be more different than a used one in more than one way. Out-of-the-box products are known to be superior when it comes to quality. There is no doubt about it.

Once you use an item, you consume its essence. It’s the same with a lift chair. No matter how careful you are and how well you maintain it, it will still wear down. There is nothing you can do about it. You will see that the wear will become more and more noticeable as the months go by.

  • The product will come with a legit warranty. The fact that someone swears that the used lift chair will work for years is not legally binding. If for some reason, the chair breaks, you will not be able to get a refund or a replacement of the item. You may not even be able to contact that person. Have you thought about that?

Buying a new LC-101 from MegaMotion comes with a legally-binding 2-year warranty that covers everything except the fabric and the motor. The lifting mechanism enjoys a lifetime warranty. Can you get that from a second-hand seller? I am sure you can’t.

What is more important is that the warranty applies only to the first time purchaser. The manufacturer is very clear about that. So there is no chance the warranty will extend to you when you buy a used lift chair.

  • This may seem absurd for some, but I, for one, find the health issue a critical argument pro purchase a new lift chair. Why? Because I don’t know where the old one has been.

Some people are very careful with the chair’s maintenance. They steam-clean it regularly and have a clean hygiene in general. That makes a difference for the fabric of the chair. However, some people are not very clean, or maybe they are not able to take care of themselves. They are in a lift chair, after all.

There are a lot of conditions that can be transmitted through the fabric of a used chair. Most of them are skin-related, but still. That does not make it better. Knowing this piece of information, do you still want to buy a used lift chair? I wouldn’t. Your health is worth more than the 200$ you pay extra for the new lift chair, don’t you think?

  • You know what kind of reputation CraigsList has, don’t you? So, don’t you believe that it would be best if you avoided CraigsList crooks? There are honest people who sell used lift chairs, but there are some who will only take advantage of gullible people who try to save a few bucks.

The best way to avoid being the victim of fraud is buying a new lift chair. I said it before, and I say it again. An LC-101 has a starting price from 500$. Don’t you think it would be safer for you finances to spend a little more money, but get more security than getting robbed? I would like to think so.

Still not convinced?

Apart from the reasons I mentioned above, there are other aspects that you must take into consideration before purchasing a used lift chair. One perfect example is the age of the technology.

A used chair is likely to be a few years old. That means the technology behind it is old as well. You and I both know how fast technological progress goes. Today is a wonder, tomorrow is old-school. It’s not a bad thing. Quite the contrary, actually.

It may not mean much to you, but have you considered how you will find parts if something breaks? Your only chance will be getting parts from another used lift chair. It may work well afterward, or it may not.

Moreover, a new lift chair will be better technologically speaking. It may hold more useful features that will improve your life. That is why buying a new lift chair is better than a used one. It will enhance your chances at bettering your days.

My best recommendation

Read reviews on Amazon.

Given the fact that you are looking for a cheap offer of high-quality, my best recommendation is the LC-101 lift chair from MegaMotion. It is one of the most affordable versions on the market, and it costs just a bit above the price of a used lift chair. I will not dare to say how much value that money holds for you but try to think how will this affect you in the long run.

Is it really worth the trouble to buy a second-hand chair? Why not wait for a little and buy something that ensures the quality of the product? It’s the smartest investment you will ever make. Good things are always worth the wait. The LC-101 makes no exception.


I hope I helped you make up your mind and choose high-quality and safety over the possible disappointment. It is really important that you take into consideration all factors before making a purchase. I agree that money can be an issue; many people do. However, sometimes is best if you go over the board in order to improve your life. Consider it as an investment in yourself. Or in the person you care about. Don’t you think that they deserve the best? Of course, you do. That is why you will make an effort and buy a new lift chair instead of a used one. Won’t you? Click here to view the lift chair on Amazon — shipping is free.