Windermere Motion AS-2001 Lift Chair Review


  • Windermere Motion AS-2001
  • 3 Position Lift Chair
  • Price: $799.00
  • $264.57 below average
  • 4/5 stars

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Are you considering buying the AS-2001 lift chair? Do not buy it until you read this review. At $800, the AS-2001 is a little bit higher than average so, does it mean its $100 better? Find out by reading this article. We discuss the chair’s features, price, reviews, warranty, and give the reader a conclusion. Continue on to find out.

About the AS-2001 Lift Chair

The AS-2001 is a 3 position lift chair that has a maximum weight capacity of 375 pounds. It has a mushroom back. The unit includes a battery backup. Heat and massage is optional. The chair is available in Mushroom, Bordeaux, Hunter, Godiva, and Gun Metal.


There are no reviews of this chair online.


The price for this lift chair starts at $800.


There is a 1 year warranty on the parts and service and a lifetime warranty on the lifting mechanism.


The AS-2001 lift chair, which is very similar to the AS-1001, is a standard 3 position lift chair. The warranty is standard as well. The price, $800, is a bit high as $700 is the industry standard. One can find 3 position lift chairs for as low as $500 however. So, for individuals who want to save money, the AS-2001 is not the model for you as you can save more with a different model. For others, maybe for those who want to purchase locally, the AS-2001 is a good choice. It’s fairly priced, comes with a good warranty, and is well made. The lack of reviews is totally normal for a chair that’s usually sold in showrooms only. Buy on Amazon

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